Partner with Travheals: Leading Medical Tourism
Platform in India

If you’re a doctor, medical center, or facilitator looking to refer patients in India, consider partnering with Travheals. With a network of over 200+ hospitals and 800+ doctors across the country, Travheals is a trusted and comprehensive medical assistance platform. For partnership, please fill the form below.
Why Partner with Us?
1. Extensive Network: Benefit from our vast network of 200+ hospitals and 800+ doctors located throughout India. Our strong connections ensure that your referred patients receive high-quality care from renowned healthcare professionals.
2. Comprehensive Services: We provide a wide range of services, including medical opinions, cost assessment, travel arrangements, airport transfers, in-hospital assistance, and translators. We handle every aspect of the patient’s journey, ensuring convenience and comfort.
3. Dedicated Account Management: Our dedicated account managers offer personalized support and assistance for the cases you refer. They will ensure seamless coordination and provide timely updates.
4. Streamlined Referral Management: This efficient system allows for smooth communication and collaboration for the referred cases via dedicated account managers.
5. Prompt Settlements: We believe in transparent financial practices. Expect prompt and fair settlements for the services provided to your referred patients.
Collaborative Activities:
1. Patient Servicing: Join us in servicing patients referred by you in any of our partner hospitals all across India.
2. Medical and Surgical Camps: Organize medical camps and surgical camps in your region, with support from our experienced team.
3. Educational Events: Engage in seminars, Continuing Medical Education (CME) sessions, and training programs conducted by senior doctors from our network.
To explore collaboration opportunities and discuss how we can work together, please reach out to us at partner@travheals.com.

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